I'm a portrait photographer and an artist, but I do a lot of things. 

I paint, direct short films, cook, write, advocate for human rights, and the preservation of the environment. My work is grounded in my love for culture, nature, and humanity, influencing a visual aesthetic that’s bold, authentic, and empowering with cinematic quality.

Clients, publications, and collabs:

Museum of Contemporary Art

Chicago Magazine

The Reader


School of Art Institute Chicago


Modern Luxury

These Days

Hooligan Mag

Obvious Mag



Artists, Activists, Writers, and Influential People:

Tatiana Hazel, Ravyn Lenae, Rivkah Reyes, Daniel Kyri, Mckensie Mack, Sen Morimoto, Gillian Flynn, Amanda Williams.

keep up with me; @alexusmclane

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